Static Petrol Tanks

Reliable and Secure Fuel Storage Solutions

Our Range

Explore our diverse selection of high-quality petrol tanks designed to meet the evolving needs of your business.

Discover the perfect petrol tank for your business from our extensive range, each meticulously designed and built in the UK to provide safe and legal petrol storage. Our tanks cater to various capacities and feature advanced security, fire protection, and easy fuel management options to ensure seamless operation. With a focus on durability, adaptability, and convenience, our static petrol tanks are engineered to support the growth and efficiency of your business while adhering to the highest safety standards.

Modular Design

Easily upgrade and adapt your petrol tank as your business grows and evolves.

Enhanced Security​

Secure locking cabinets protect against theft and elemental damage.​

Superior Fire Protection​

60-minute fireproof insulation, double the industry standard for small above-ground petrol tanks.​

Easy Fuel Management​

Graduated T-Piece dipstick and easy-glance content gauges for accurate fuel metering.​


Integrated forklift skids with bolt-down connections, ensuring convenient transportation and installation.​


Optional Extras

We offer a range of extras to ensure you’ve got everything you need, from training & safety to convenience and servicing.


To ensure the safe handling and transporting of petrol all staff should be trained in safe petrol dispensing and the transporting of fuel.

Spill Kits

Areas where petrol is handled or stored should be provided with a means of controlling spills to prevent spreading to non-hazardous areas.


Keeping your tank well maintained not only ensures your equipment’s safety but also ensures the warranty is kept active.


Our petrol tanks are available in various capacities: 1200, 1850, 2400, 2950, and 5000+ litres.

Yes, all our petrol tanks conform to British safety requirements, ensuring safe and legal petrol storage for your business.

Absolutely! Our modular design allows for easy pump type changes between hand, 12V, and full electric options to accommodate your specific needs.

Yes, we can arrange staff training for safe petrol dispensing, fuel delivery handling, and proper record-keeping if required.

While our tanks are fully fireproofed, we offer a Mini Fire Station that includes two dry powder extinguishers and a fire bucket containing fire retardant material on a mobile unit for added safety.

Yes, we offer a comprehensive spill kit containing absorbent ‘socks’ and loose absorbent material in a clearly labelled, 240-litre wheeled bin to help manage and control spills effectively.

We offer a range of fully reconditioned tanks, but their availability and size may vary. Please contact us to inquire about our current stock levels.

We would be more than happy to discuss your specific requirements and explore options to meet your unique needs. Please contact us to initiate a conversation.