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Enhance Your Fuel Storage Experience: High-Quality Pumps & Essential Accessories

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Discover the perfect pumps and accessories to optimize your fuel storage and handling experience, tailored to suit your specific needs.

At The Petrol Tank Company Ltd, we understand the importance of having the right pumps and accessories to complement your fuel storage solutions. Our carefully curated selection of pumps and accessories is designed to enhance the efficiency, safety, and convenience of your fuel handling experience. From reliable hand pumps to advanced electric pumps, secure locking cabinets to spill kits, we've got you covered. Browse our diverse range of products, specifically engineered to cater to your unique requirements and ensure seamless integration with your petrol storage tanks.

Hand pumps
12v ATEX Pumps
Onboard Electric Pump
Resale Pumps
Remote Contents Monitoring
dry powder extinguishers
Spill kits
T-Piece dipsticks