Static Bunded Petrol Tanks


Starting at 1200 Litres our petrol tanks allow on site deliveries direct from a petrol tanker. All tanks upto 2950 Litres are designed for gravity fill directly from the tanker meaning that a transfer pump is not required. 

Our tanks have a full secure and weather proof cabinet as standard, 60 minute fire proof and insulated jacket, Stainless steel breather vent,  an access hatch for the inner tank, delivery earthing point and a fully modular design. This means our tank can adapt with you and your business. 

Pumps can be easily changed and upgraded as required.  

All our tanks also have full access to the inner tank for cleaning and safety inspection.

1200/1850/2400/2950/5000+ Litre petrol tanks Maxi

What makes our petrol tanks the best?

  • Secure Locking Cabinet

    Proving protection against theft and the elements
  • Easy fuel metering

    Graduated T-Peice dip stick stick and easy glance contents gauge
  • Fork lift ready

    Fork lift skids with bolt down connections welded to the tank.
  • Easy Care 60 minute fire proofing and insulation

    Double the industry standard fireproofing for small above ground petrol tanks
  • Modular Design

    Allowing an easy change of pump type between hand, 12v and full electric.

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Optional products available for your tank


Our full range of petrol storage tanks are easy to use and conform to all British safety requirements. However, care needs to be taken when dispensing and receiving fuel to keep spillages to a minimum.

Staff training in the safe dispensing of petrol and the receiving of fuel deliveries plus use of the Record and Delivery books to keep proper records can be arranged if required.

Fire station

Although all tanks from The Petrol Tank Company are fully fire proofed, petrol remains a highly flammable substance. There is a statutory duty of care to ensure fire fighting equipment is easily accessible. The Petrol Tank Company Mini Fire Station consists of two dry powder extinguishers and fire bucket containing fire retardant material on a mobile unit.

Spill kit

Areas where petrol is handled or stored should be provided with a means of controlling spills to prevent spreading to non-hazardous areas. The Petrol Tank Company provides a very effective solution consisting of a large, clearly labelled, 240 litre wheeled bin containing 8, 3 metre 'socks' filled with absorbent material plus 6 bags of loose absorbent material.

Replacement 'socks' can be readily purchased from us and as an optional extra, we can collect and dispose of used material which is classed as hazardous waste.

****Reconditioned Tanks Available****

We also offer a range of fully reconditioned tanks. These tanks vary is size and availability and often move fast. Please get in touch for our current stock levels.

Our steel tanks are proudly manufactured in the UK

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