Mobile Petrol Tanks

95/120/190/216/330 Litre petrol bowser

Store fuel on-site with the Caddy from The Petrol Tank Company.

It’s a small capacity storage unit that allows you to fill up at a nearby petrol station and thus avoid the hazards and inconvenience of collecting small amounts of petrol in jerry cans.

The 216 and 330 are fully bunded and fire-protected.

Our tanks are the only UK manufactured, above ground storage systems of their kind in the country.

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What makes our petrol tanks the best?

330 petrol caddy with hose reel330 petrol caddy flow meter

Easy fill system

Electric or hand pump options, as well as filter flower options on each caddy.

Supplied with optional trailer

The Petrol Caddy can be ordered with several designs of trailer.

Optional products available for your tank


The Caddy petrol bowser is easy to use and conforms to and meets UN 1203 approval.

Each Caddy in trailer is supplied with a 2Kg dry powder fire extinguisher which must remain with the Caddy at all times.

Staff should be trained in safe petrol dispensing and the transporting of fuel.

Spill kit

Areas where petrol is handled or stored should be provided with a means of controlling spills to prevent spreading to non-hazardous areas. The Petrol Tank Company provides a very effective solution consisting of a large, clearly labeled, 240 litre wheeled bin containing 8, 3 metre ‘socks’ filled with absorbent material plus 6 bags of loose absorbent material.

Replacement ‘socks’ can be readily purchased from us and as an optional extra, we can collect and dispose of used material which is classed as hazardous waste.

Our steel tanks are proudly manufactured in the UK


If you're looking for something a little different to the tanks you see here, please contact us and we'll be happy to discuss your requirements.