Petrol storage and the law

With all the legalities surrounding on-site storage of petrol it can, at first, seem a frustrating prospect trying to comply with the various conditions required by Petroleum Enforement Officers and other legal and health and safety entities.

Fortunately, The Petrol Tank Company has a great deal of experience installing above ground petrol tanks and is able to advise and guide customers through the licensing process and other issues such as siting, safety and operation.

Our list detailing the considerations when storing petrol on-site should help to clear some of the confusion.

  • If you wish to store more than 20 litres of petroleum spirit you may well need a petrolium certificate.

    This can be obtained from your area Petroleum Enforcement Officer who usually operates through the Local Authority Trading Standards Office or Fire Service.

    Our petrol tanks have been designed in close consultation with Petroleum Enforement Officers and meet all necessary legislation and safety requirements so a site visit may not always be necessary.

    We are happy to advise on petrolium certificates and can liaise directly with enforcement officers on your behalf.

  • Tanks should be sited a minimum of 2 metres from site boundaries, buildings, process areas, 3 metres from doors, plain glazed windows or other openings or means of escape and 4 meters from any fixed sources of ignition and electrical terminations not housed in an ATEX approved endpoint.

    If require adice on the positioning of your tank, please feel free to contact us.

  • Records need to be kept that contain details of all repairs and maintenance operations as well as usage and delivery of fuel.

    These must be kept for a minimum of 12 months and made available to the Petroleum Enforcement Officer on request.

    We supply a Record Keeping book with all tanks and information there use.

  • Delivery records must be kept recording fuel deliveries that signed by both the delivery driver and the receiver. We supply a Delivery book and information on its use.

    Delivery records must be kept recording fuel deliveries and signed by both the tanker driver and the appointed person.

    A delivery book is supplied with each tank.

  • A Risk assessment must be completed for each tank installation. We are able to offer you guidance with this.

    The Petrol Tank Company has appropriate Spill Retention Kits and Fire Stations available to deal with minor mishaps.

  • Employees should receive appropriate training for the use of the equipment and for the receiving of deliveries

    The Petrol Tank Company offers an on-site training programme.