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Versatile Storage Solutions: Catering to a Wide Range of Fuel Types Beyond Petrol

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Diesel Tank, AdBlue, Kerosene

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Discover our extensive variety of fuel storage tanks, designed to safely and efficiently store a wide range of fuel types beyond petrol, catering to diverse industry needs.

At The Petrol Tank Company Ltd, we recognize the diverse fuel storage requirements of various industries and applications. We have a range of fuel tanks tailored to meet those unique needs, offering safe and efficient storage solutions for a wide range of fuel types beyond petrol. Our commitment to quality, safety, and innovation extends to these versatile fuel tanks, ensuring that each solution adheres to industry standards and regulations. Explore our comprehensive range of fuel storage options, designed with the same care and attention to detail as our petrol tanks, and find the perfect solution for your specific fuel storage requirements.

Diesel fuel tanks
  • Plastic or Customer built steel bunded fuel tanks. Various pump, filter and fuel management options

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Mobile fuel tank
  • Mobile fuel tanks for a variety of fuels for use on and off the public highway. With trainers or as standalone units

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waste oil tank

Waste oil tanks
  • Waste oil tanks in a variety of sizes with tun dish and connection for tanker removal

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AdBlue storage tanks
  • Available in a variety of sizes with flowmeter, pump, and fuel management options available

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Optional Extras

We offer a range of extras to ensure you’ve got everything you need, from training & safety to convenience and servicing.


To ensure the safe handling and transporting of petrol all staff should be trained in safe petrol dispensing and the transporting of fuel.

Spill Kits

Areas where petrol is handled or stored should be provided with a means of controlling spills to prevent spreading to non-hazardous areas.


Keeping your tank well maintained not only ensures your equipment’s safety but also ensures the warranty is kept active.

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