Top 5 things to consider when buying a tank.

Buying a petrol tank can be a daunting prospect. Fortunately we’re at hand to help. We can advise you on what you need to think about when buying your tank and the considerations you should make when placing your order.

Here is a list of the top 5 considerations.

1 – How much fuel do you use? Although a simple question it’s a major consideration. Petrol is delivered in the UK by tanker and is gravity fed. This means when you order your fuel it’s measured out at the fuel depot and placed in a ‘pot’ in the tanker specifically reserved for your delivery. That means the amount you order must be accommodated by your petrol tank. Some fuel delivery companies also require a minimum amount of petrol to be ordered for it to be economical for them to deliver. Take this into account when ordering your tank.

2 – Where will the tank go? As mentioned petrol is gravity delivered. This means the tank should be sited on a flat, even surface that is on the same level as the delivery tanker. If the tank is sited too high the gravity fed system will not work and a delivery transfer pump would be required which is a far more expensive option. Siting the tank at ground level eliminates this cost. The tanker also delivers from the left hand side and must have a clear straight exit should it need to leave in an emergency situation. These are two factors to consider but we are at hand to help with the rest!

3 – What type of pump do I want? Our tanks are available in a number of different configurations. We can supply them with manual hand pumps, small electric pumps or large forecourt style pumps. Your decision should be based on the availability of power at site of the pump and how much fuel you will be dispensing. We are here to guide you with appropriate duty cycles on the pumps and budgetary restrictions. We also offer fuel management systems should you require tracking for multiple users.

4 – Do I need a licence? If the petrol if for business use and not resale you require a petroleum licence only if you are dispensing into an internal combustion engine. If you are dispensing into containers then this licence is not required although you should advise your local authorities that you are storing the fuel on site. Out tanks are listed in the Blue Book regulations.

5 – What else do I need? You should have fire extinguishers near your petrol tank and it is advisable to have a spill kit nearby also. A record keeping book and a petrol delivery book is supplied with your tank. An annual inspection is required for the tank and we will contact you when this is due.

If you’re ready to order your tank or would like to discuss your requirements further, call us on 01283 820213.

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