The Future of Petroleum

Most media currently demonises fossil fuels and their daily use stating that our future is based in electric vehicles and machinery. But are these reports looking at the bigger picture?

The United Kingdoms electricity supply is currently made up from 33% renewable energy. So are petrol and other fossil fuels as we know them doomed to the history books?

Fortunately engine production for petrol and diesel machinery has advanced in leaps and bounds during the last 5 years and modern engines are cleaner and more efficient than ever before.

In comparison Electric motors are less repairable and with a shorter life span than their combustion counterparts. A recent investigation found that the production of batteries (which involves the mining of lithium) will emit up to 74% more Co2 than the production of an efficient modern petrol engine. This coupled with a batteries short life span in comparison with a combustion engine shows that the environmental impact of battery machinery is not the environmental saviour we are led to believe it is.

Batteries play an important role in our work machinery but the future of batteries powering our machinery is not all its made out to be.

The best way to invest in our future is to maintain and look after your existing machinery. Cleaning and maintaining will prolong the life of it and using quality fuels stored in your own above ground petrol tank or petrol caddy will offer the convenience of being able to keep your machinery fuelled with no charging time.

Our range of above ground petrol and diesel tanks allows you to safely store fuel on site, having it either delivered by tanker at your convenience, or collection from a garage and carry legally in our caddy/bowsers. Give us a call on 01283 820213

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