The Fire Station Spill Kit!

Compliment your on site fuel storage with the fire station spill kit combination pack from the Petrol Tank Company!

The combines all the responsible tools you will need for your fuel tank into an easy to manage space saving unit. Comprising of: 1 x 240 ltr Wheeled Bin 6 x 20 ltr pack zorb (fuel and oil only absorbent) 4 x 3m x 75mm oil only absorbent boom 2 x 3m x 120mm oil only absorbent boom with ties and Velcro 1 x heavy waste bag with cable tie 2 x pair nitrile gloves 2 x 6kg dry powder fire extinguishers 2 x weather covers for extinguishers 1 x fire bucket with lid 1 x 10 ltr bag of flamzorb fire retardant material

Easily moved on its wheels the unit is a great addition to your installation. Give us a call now for advice and we will be happy to help!

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