Is Petrol Ok to store in these hot temperatures?

With an uncharacteristically hot UK summer this year, temperatures have reached consistent highs but does this temperature pose a potential problem for petrol storage?

To explain this we need to start with some terminology:

A flash point is the temperature at which a combustible substance gives off sufficient vapour to ignite in air. The temperature at which Petrol begins to give off combustable vapour is approx -65°C, so this temperature is known as the flash point of petrol. Petrol should be handled with care at any temperate above -65°C.

A spontaneous ignition temperature (or auto ignition point) is the lowest temperature at which a combustible substance when heated takes fire in air and continues to burn. The auto ignition point of petrol is 280°C.

The hot temperatures that we have experienced will be perfectly safe for your petrol but should a fire occur near your tank, your fuel could reach explosive temperatures and pose a hazard to people and the surrounding areas.

Its for this reason that ALL our above ground petrol tanks are contained inside a 60 minute fire proof jacket that has been independently tested in accordance to British Safety standard 476. The jackets are fully insulated to provide shelter from heat and cold all year.

The properties of the material are incredibly impressive and offer a protection for petrol storage that you just cant get from petrol storage vaults.

With guidance on positioning your tank from the Petrol Tank Company the safety of your employees, your work areas and your equipment is assured and you have the convenience of having petrol delivered to you. This avoids the associated risks when transporting petrol in jerry cans and potentially invalidating your motor insurance.

So enjoy the sun and consider safety when storing and using petrol.

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