Another fine install

Our latest install on behalf of a company tasked with providing a fueling solution for a national car distribution chain has gone in and the customer thrilled with the install and work undertaken.

The customer has one of our tanks previously but increased business meant they required an increased capacity, the new setup provides easily switchable petrol storage which allows for stock management. The petrol is delivered through a forecrout style pump that is controlled by a fuel management system to allow the fuel allocation to the correct departments and offer a increase in security for the petrol. Upon first use the customer also requested that we integrate their existing diesel tank and pump into the fuel management system to give them the same benefits.

The end client was very pleased with the installation and sent a message through for the onsite engineers “Thank you both for the ease everything went in along with the excellent workmanship and great personalities.”

We love nothing more than a happy customer and know that the installation will help massively with the day to day operation and reporting for the site.

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