Mobile Petrol Tanks

Providing solutions with mobile petrol storage available from under 100 Litres

Our Range

The Petrol Tank Company provides UK designed and manufatured safe mobile petrol tanks and storage solutions

Fill and transport petrol to your site with the Caddy from The Petrol Tank Company.

It’s a small capacity storage unit that allows you to fill up at a nearby petrol station and thus avoid the hazards and inconvenience of collecting small amounts of petrol in jerry cans.

The 250 and 330 are fully bunded and fire-protected.

Our mobile tanks are the only UK manufactured, above ground storage systems of their kind in the country.

330 Lite
330 (Premium)

Optional Extras

We offer a range of extras to ensure you’ve got everything you need, from training & safety to convenience and servicing.


To ensure the safe handling and transporting of petrol all staff should be trained in safe petrol dispensing and the transporting of fuel.

Spill Kits

Areas where petrol is handled or stored should be provided with a means of controlling spills to prevent spreading to non-hazardous areas.


Keeping your tank well maintained not only ensures your equipment’s safety but also ensures the warranty is kept active.


Our mobile petrol tanks range from 95 to 330 Litres, catering to different storage needs.

Yes, our petrol tanks are fully bunded and fire-protected, ensuring safe storage and transportation of petrol.

Yes, our tanks are designed to be filled at petrol stations, providing a safer and more convenient alternative to using jerry cans.

Our road legal petrol tanks, such as the Petrol Caddy, can be legally transported on public roads when properly secured on a suitable trailer.

Yes, our mobile petrol tanks come with an easy fill system and the option of electric or hand pumps, making them user-friendly.

The Petrol Caddy can be ordered with various trailer designs, providing a convenient solution for transporting the tank to your site.

While our tanks are easy to use, it is important that staff be trained in safe petrol dispensing and transportation to ensure safety and compliance with regulations

We offer a variety of accessories, including filter and flow meter options, spill kits, and fire extinguishers to ensure safe and efficient fuel storage and handling.