Safe and legal petrol storage

Purpose designed to receive petrol deliveries and store petrol above ground.

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Above Ground Bunded Petrol Tanks

Our static tanks start at 1200 litres upwards and provide safe legal above ground storage, bunded and 60 minute fire protected, allowing petrol delivery by tanker to site. The. modular design allows for easy adjustments so the tank will always been suitable for your business.

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1200/1850/2400/2950/5000+ Litre petrol tanks Above Ground Bunded Petrol Tanks

Mobile Petrol Tanks

Our bowser range are small capacity storage units that allows filling at petrol stations avoiding the hazards and inconvenience of collecting small amounts of petrol in jerry cans. The 250 and 330 are fully bunded and fire protected.

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95/120/190/250/330 Mobile Petrol Tanks Mobile Petrol Tanks

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Trusted by
Jim Granger
We run up to twelve mowers at a time so having safe and secure storage facilities is very important to us Jim Granger Head Green Keeper, Ringway Golf Club
John McCloughlan
Before installing the above ground tank, we were fetching petrol from the local petrol station on a daily basis which was very time consuming John McCloughlan Head Groundsman, Merchiston Castle Independent Boarding and Day School

Designed for safety and convenience

Bunded & fire proof

Bunded & fire proof

Our static above ground petrol storage tanks start from 1200 litres capacity. Mobile petrol storage tanks available up to 330 litres capacity, with custom builds available on request.

Designed and built in the UK

Designed and built in the UK

Our petrol tanks are insulated, fire-proofed, bunded and conform to all EU & UK petroleum storage requirements. Recognised and referenced in 4th edition of the APEA and Energy Institute Blue Book petroleum regulations.

Suitable for any industry

  • Tool Hire Shops
  • Sports centre
  • Scrap yards
  • Colleges
  • Race courses
  • Schools
  • Golf clubs
  • Farms
  • Forestry
  • Country Estate/Gardens
  • Sailing Clubs
  • Local Authorities
  • Marine services
  • Factory's
  • Yacht clubs
  • Police Stations
  • Construction
  • Car dealerships
  • Allotments
  • Outdoor pursuits
  • Fire Service
  • + many others

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